Salt Water & Fire

My career in jewellery began in 2003 when I became a sales consultant for Linneys, in Broome, Western Australia (now ‘Allure South Sea Pearls’). 
I soon discovered that one never tires of working and playing with pearls:  each one has its own character:  its size, shape, colour, lustre and natural imperfections determine its value.  Working daily with bags and bags of pearls and beside the masters of their trade I soon discovered the best job I had ever had.
In 2014 I started to make my own ‘Salt Water & Fire’ necklaces given the techniques I had learnt over the years.  I have been making them ever since, in a rustic workshop at the old dairy cottage, on my farm in Rosa Brook, Margaret River.
The name Salt Water & Fire is derived from two elements that come together to produce something of beauty.  The pearls I use for my high end pieces are South Sea pearls produced in pristine seas off the Kimberley coast and are superior to fresh water pearls.  A single pearl takes two years to produce and only one pearl is produced in each pearl oyster.
Intense fiery heat is required to produce cold glass and silver beads which complement the pearls.
Salt Water & Fire also represents where I continue enjoy my life: Broome beside the beach and Margaret River, keeping warm beside a wood fire.
My vibrant glass bead neoprene necklaces are unique, there are no two alike and comprise of lamp work glass beads, sterling silver Hill Tribe beads and pearls. Like a bower bird I collect the colourful glass beads from various sources and carefully assemble them to create harmony.  I am influenced by the shores of Western Australia: an avid beach walker in Broome, the colours resemble nature and the fragments washed up with the tide.
My aim is to create a distinct fashion accessory to suit a woman’s creative individuality and style. Designed for everyday wear they are easy care, long lasting and will add artistic flair to any outfit.
I am often asked “Are these pearls real?” and yes, they are!   
“I know that pearls suit everybody.  I have seen the faces of so many women, and men light up with happiness” 
“My favourite pearl is the unique keshi pearl, natural in form and baroque in shape. Try finding two the same!”