Andrea Isaac Jewellery & Design

A collection of handmade contemporary jewellery designed by Andrea, a German born designer/maker (B.A. Jewellery & Design) living and working on a bush property just south of Margaret River, WA. Her  grandfather was a costume jeweler in Bohemia and in a roundabout way this heritage has found its way into her path of creativity.
Eye catching yet understated designs with a raw elegance.
Customer feedback:
"All of your designs are really pretty, Andrea. I love how substantial and strong, yet still feminine they are and that they are modern, yet somehow still manage to be a whimsical tribute to nature. I feel so lucky to have found you and to be able to build up my Andrea Isaac stunning collection."
The Design style of this collection is contemporary; a lot of geometry juxtaposed with organic elements, clean forms and textural embellishments showing the hand of the maker.Some  pieces feature articulated elements and a sense of playfulness, randomness and versatility. All elements are considered in creating pieces that are beautiful, comfortable to wear , timeless and unique in design that are made to last. Natural gemstones add colour, sparkle and beauty to these unique pieces. All gems are hand selected and sometimes cut to suit the designs.
This jewellery is made to last and to enjoy as an expression of your uniqueness, individuality and strength.